Distillerie des Menhirs Eddu Silver
eddu silver whisky de ble noir

EDDU Silverecolte ble noirr

Land of origin
EDDU means buckwheat in the Breton language.

EDDU Silver belongs to the very heart of Brittany (France) ; it is the only whisky in the world exclusively made from buckwheat. Today, buckwheat is considered to carry many secrets of good health and longevity..


Distillation : EDDU Silver is produced from a double distillation in a pot still heated by a direct flame and called ALAMBIC.

cave de la distillerieAgeing : the long maturation is carried out in French oak casks ; the blending is similar to the art of a creating perfume.

EDDU Silver is only available from wine merchants and in Delicatessens. A retail distribution list can be requested from our Contact page

eddu silver et boiteTasting notes
Golden and amber hue;
EDDU Silver will charm you with its aromatic notes such as floral scents of rose and heather, fruity touches of honey, marmalade and spicy notes of nutmeg.
EDDU Silver is velvety on your palate with pleasing touches of vanilla oak.

How to enjoy EDDU Silver

A true discovery for whisky lovers :
- neat, is appreciated in a tasting glass like the best Cognacs,
- with ice cubes, it reveals new aromas such as apricot, citrus fruit and ripe fig.
An everlasting pleasure for Connoisseurs…

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