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A family history

The story begins in 1921, in Plomelin (Finistère) when Francès Le Lay, great great grand-mother of presents owners, acquires a second-hand still meant for the itinerant distillation of cider brandy.

Guillaume, Francès’ son, then joins the Pont Menhir public distillery in Plomelin, so does his son, René.

Francès, Guillaume, René… Guy almost broke the family tradition by becoming a Maths teacher.
But « the distillation gene » won out.
genealogie le lay

In 1986, Guy helped by his wife, plants orchards and builds in Pont Menhir, his own distillery for the production of a brand new drink in Brittany: Pommeau des Menhirs, which will become the first AOC Brittany Pommeau (with a guarantee of origin).

Fully mastering the art of distillation, Guy Le Lay, always in search of new products with an authentic Breton identity, imagines the distillation of a unique cereal: buckwheat, Brittany buckwheat.

In 1998, the construction of a dedicated building and the acquisition of a still, backed by the sound advice of a Spirit and Alcohol expert, bear fruit to further the adventure and guarantee the quality of the future whisky.

Culminating in September 2002 with the launching of Eddu Silver, the only buckwheat whisky in the world.

guy le lay et pommier

Since then, the company has kept growing and still keeps its family dimension.
Today, the three Le Lay brothers, are the news owners of the distillery. Each play a role in the family distillery : Kevin in the management, Loig for the sales departement and Erwan in production.

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